Saturday, November 1, 2008

Submit Your Photo Of A Nasty Aramark Meal For Blog-O-Sphere Fame And Glory! photo

I found this image on called "Today's Nasty ARAMARK Lunch."

One commentator said, "The ice cream looks OK" and the response was, "surprisingly, that was the worst part." The image got me about having readers submit photos of their own nasty Aramark lunch? Or breakfast? Or a Grab 'n' Go item? Or WHATEVER.

Send your images and stories. I'll publish 'em. The only prize at this point is glory but, hey, rumor has it the Crimson Cafe near the University of Alabama is "feeding the troops" who put forward some kind of notable effort in this struggle.I have not yet managed to confirm this rumor, but I'm trying to track it down.

So submit your photos and gruesome tales of puking and woe!

Well, unless you're some kind of Aramark publicity drone. In which case...use your own website. THIS site is for exposing Aramark evil.

(Do not click "Read More")

1 comment:

Johnny Lunch Battle said...

Sample comment: hey, at least there isn't blood running out of the meat. Let me tell you about what happened to me last week at Collegiate College of John and Maryville.

I was, like, just grabbing a burger like I do most afternoons, but I noticed how, overnight, there seemed to be a different company running things...etc.